Skin Specialists: AISC-SS Trial

Teaching an old dog a new trick?
Yes, of course!

The educational intervention should encompass all involved in melanoma treatment and diagnostics. This is why Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.
Dermatologists are responsible for by far the most dismissal and referrals of nevi and melanoma patients. Plastic Surgeons have the primary care responsibility for melanoma and skin cancer patients in Denmark.

Studies have shown that among all specialties, dermatologists are the most capable of diagnosing skin and mole cancer dermoscopically, but that despite specialty, it takes more than 5 years to become proficient.

Randomized Controlled Trial

In the AISC-SS Trial we invite all Departments of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in Denmark, as well as several in Australia, to implement DermLoop Capture and DermLoop Learn for their physicians for a period of two months. Participants of each department are randomized to either the intervention or control group, where the control group are restricted from accessing the DermLoop Learn material and the clinical feedback of their registered lesions.

We expect to enroll the Danish departments ultimo 2021.

Aim and expectations

The aim of the study During the trial period we expect to see an unequal increase in diagnostic proficiency across all departments and across all levels of experience. We therefore plan a subgroup analysis to identify which doctors benefit less from the intervention.

Approvals and registrations

Study phase: We are currently applying for approvals from the Research Ethics Commitée and Dataprotection Agency, and applying for funds for additional hardware (dermoscopes and smartphones) as we would like each participating department to have one readily available in each operating theater and in each consultation room – to minimize strain for the participating doctor in regards to the registration process.

The AISC-SS Trial is the second study of Gustav’s PhD.

Principal Investigator:
Gustav Gede Nervil,
MD, Ph.D. student

Gustav is full time researcher and Ph.D. student in the AISC consortium, and focuses on the clinical validation and implementation of the educational platform.

We are currently looking for “AISC Ambassadors” at the departments. The AISC Ambassador will be the local investigator and spokesperson, keeping registration-rates high and seeing to day-to-day obstacles to the study protocol.

Contact me for further details and to become your the local AISC representative of your department.

Gustav Gede Nervil

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