The AISC Research Consortium engages all medical aspects of melanoma diagnostics and has initiated a string of developmental, clinical and otherwise essential studies to gather knowledge about the educational value and its effect on the patients.

Current projects


Clinical study of the educational intervention on General Practitioners’ ability to diagnose skin and mole cancer, compared to clinical feedback

Study phase: Recruiting
Initiation Date: April 2022


Clinical trial on Skin Specialists, e.g. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

Study Phase: Active
Recruiting: Yes
Initiation Date: March 2021


Studying the impact of educating pathologists in diagnosing dermoscopic pictures and giving them access to dermoscopic and clinical pictures along with the histopathological slide on inter-rater-reliability

Study phase: Pilot trial completed
Consensus study active.
Initiation Date: Nov 2020


Clinical trial of the DermLoop Learn educational intervention on Pre-residential General Practitioners.

Study phase: Planning
Initiation Date:

AISC-Melanoma Trend

A retrospective analysis of the changes in the excised and biopsied skin lesions in Denmark through time. Has the trends for melanoma diagnostics changed since the the implementation of the Cancer Pathways?

Study Phase: Data analysis
Initiation Date: April 2021

AISC-Safest Trial

An efficiency and safety evaluation of teledermoscopic triaging of patients referred to on a suspicion of melanoma.

Study Phase: Active
Initiation Date: August 2023

AISC-AI In dermatological education

Is AI used for education? Review of litterature on the use of AI in the education of humans.

Study Phase: Active
Initiation Date: July 2023

Developmental Studies and other projects

AISC-GPD Questionnaire

A cross-sectional survey on the extent of dermoscopy use among Danish general Practioners

Study Phase: Questionnaire refinement
Recruiting: Not yet
Initiation Date: Unknown

AISC-CB Analysis

A Cost-Benefit analysis on the DermLoop platform and intervention

Study Phase: Writing Protocol
Initiation Date: May 2022


Exploring the reasons for AI and Human Expert diagnostic discrepancies

Study Phase: Data analysis
Initiation Date: February 2021

Previous studies and trials


Development and validation of a multiple-choice-questionnaire on doctors accuracy in skin and mole cancer diagnostics.

Study Phase: Published


Dose-Response study of simulation based training for General Practitioners’ accuracy in skin lesion diagnostics

Study phase: In submission


Testing the best educational method and materials for melanoma recognition learning, using the DermLoop Learn module

Study Phase: Published
Initiation Date: June 2021

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