Pre-Resident – AISC-PGP Trial

What happens when we teach the masses?

Results from the ERB trial and several upcoming RCT’s within medical training and pattern recognition will be used to develop a standardized and AI-augmented training program. Through a clustered randomized controlled trial we will explore the effect of this training program on the diagnostic reasoning in skin cancer diagnostics among aspiring residents, and pre-residents within general medicine.

Further details will be available shortly.

Principal Investigator:
Niels Kvorning Ternov
MD, Ph.D. student

Niels is full time researcher and Ph.D. student in the AISC consortium and focuses on the development and implementation of the educational platform.

The AISC-PGP trial is the third and final study of my Ph.D. and is the first time the digital educational platform is used my doctors in large scale. It will be amazing if the digital educational platform improves their diagnostic accuracy and leads to better and faster patient treatment !

Niels Kvorning Ternov

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