Pathologists: AISC-DAH Trial

Glancing the surface: How dermoscopy changes the pathologists’ diagnosis

Dermoscopic Augmented Histology Trial, DAHT, aims to examine the effect  of dermoscopy training on pathologists and the subsequent effect of giving these pathologists access to basic information about the patient, clinical- and dermoscopic images during histopathologically analyses. 

All of the pathologists included in this study will be given basic information about the patient including a clinical and a dermoscopic image when examining the microscopic features. By only giving half of the pathologists access to DermLoop Learn, a learning intervention based on artificial intelligence, we will be able to analyze the differences between the two groups.
Basic information includes age, gender and the exact location of the lesion on a 3D avatar.

The study will focus on the learning interventions effect on pathologists confidence, speed and intra-/inter rater reliability. This sub-project further strives to integrate the pathologists into the learning loop – creating a hopefully seamless diagnostic cooperation and continuous feedback loop across all specialties involved in skin cancer diagnostics.

Louisa Bønløkke Hansen
Principal Investigator,
Medical Student and Clinical Research Assistant

Louisa is a full time researcher at AISC Research Consortium and focuses on the impact of dermoscopic photographs for the pathologists decision-making. This study is Louisa’s masters thesis.

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