DermLoop Learn is the true innovation of the educational intervention that the AISC Research Consortium is investigating. DermLoop Learn is a smartphone based learning platform that teaches the doctor how to recognize skin and mole cancer. It allows the learner access to quizzes with thousands of photographs of clinical and dermatological photographs, individually picked for each learner by the DermLoop Engine AI.

The AI-augmented feedback is designed to optimize the learning path for each individual learner depending on the behavior with the application and their prior diagnostic capabilities.

DermLoop Learn further more allows the clinician to receive direct clinical feedback on the cases captured in DermLoop Capture that are later reviewed by either a dermatologist or that are removed and histopathologically verified. This kind of systematic and easily obtainable clinical feedback is unparalleled.

Along with the continually growing library of skin lesions and the visual feedback, DermLoop Learn features several hundred pages of newly written and expert-reviewed educational material on the diagnosis and its pathognomic visual features. These articles allow the learner to better understand the underlying mechanisms of the lesion types and there by enhance their knowledge transfer from one diagnosis to another.

Our hypothesis is that an optimized educational flow from novice to expert alleviates clinicians diagnostic worry, reduces the amount of irrelevant referrals, improves patient treatment, reduces referral time from one doctor to another and potentially allows for earlier detection of skin and mole cancer.

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