Simulation Based Education in Skin Cancer for GPs

The AISC-GP SimED study is the first study of broad use of the simulation-based educational tool for skin and mole cancer

Why only learn from future patients when you can educate yourself on previous?

We’ve recently shown that simulation-based education can improve medical students’ diagnostic accuracy of skin and mole cancer significantly after just 3 hours of training (publication in review).

We would now investigate the effect of the same training in a population of Danish general practitioners.

Randomized Trial

The trial is a randomized controlled trial with an intervention and a control group, but with an allocation ratio of 3:1. This allocation allows for further subgroup analysis.

One group (A) is given access to the DermLoop Learn education platform first, and has access for 8 days. Before and after the participating doctors are tested with 12 randomly sampled skin lesion cases from a validated library of 25 cases.

The second group (B) has delayed their access to the educational platform. Group B is the control group.

Study CONSORT diagram

Both groups are tested again 16 days after group A gains access.

After the trail period has ended all participants are granted free access to the educational platform for 3 months.

Aim and expectations

The study will measure how many hours of educational activity it requires for the population of general practitioners to acquire an increase in their diagnostic accuracy in regards to skin and mole cancer.

The hypothesis is that depending on the initial diagnostic accuracy it takes but a few days of full time study to achieve expert competence.

Principal Investigator:
Gustav Gede Nervil
MD, Ph.D. student

Gustav is full time researcher and Ph.D. student in the AISC consortium, and focuses on the clinical validation and implementation of the educational platform.

This is the first trial that validates the use of simulation-based training on doctors’ ability to correctly diagnose skin and mole cancer.

I’m quite excited!

Gustav Gede Nervil

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