Through our collaboration with the pathologists at Herlev Hospital and internationally renowened melanoma researcher Richard Scolyer, we have found a fundamental lack in the flow of data. The data that the clinician currently gathers never reaches the pathologists that examine the excised tissue specimens. The anamnestic information about the patient and lesion are crucial in equivocal cases – spitz nevi for example.

DermLoop Pathology is the pathologists module and allows easy access to the registered patient data – and as an unique feature – review the clinical and dermoscopic photographs of the patient and skin lesion. Through the AISC-DAH Trial we will establish if the access to this data enhances pathologists inter- and intra-rater reliability.

We are all working together for better patient-care and for better doctorial education. The pathologist can trough this module assign a diagnosis and allow the all referring doctors with clinical feedback in exchange for the collected data.

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