Cost Benefit: AISC-CB Analysis

It works, but is it worth it?

The AISC-CB Analysis is a cost-benefit analysis on the implementation of DermLoop seen from the healthcare systems economic point of view.

The study will investigate the cost of development and implementation, maintaining and operation of the DermLoop educational intervention and platform.

How much does it cost the healthcare system to reduce the amount of benign referrals from the GP by 10?
How much does it cost the healthcare system to find one additional melanoma?

Martin Tolsgaard is the primary supervisor on this study.

The AISC-CB Analysis will be the final paper in Gustav’s Ph.D.

Principal Investigator:
Gustav Gede Nervil
MD, Ph.D. student

Gustav is full time researcher and Ph.D. student in the AISC consortium, and focuses on the clinical validation and implementation of the educational platform.

Cost-Effectiveness analysis’ is becoming more prominent in educational research. We may be able to educate doctors in all sectors, raise the diagnostic proficiency, but everything comes at a cost. We need to investigate if the money is well spend on the educational intervention, or if its better spend doing something else.

Gustav Gede Nervil

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