Dermloop Capture

Dermloop Capture is a tool for the clinician to capture clinical and/or dermoscopic images of skin lesions. The images can then be coupled to either the patient CPR/SSN number, pathology specimen-ID, and the preliminary diagnosis prior to patient treatment.

Dermloop Capture enables sharing of patient information across healthcare sectors and medical specialities, from GP to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeon, and Pathologist.

The captured skin lesions can then be used for photo-documentation, sequentiel followup, referrals or teledermatological evaluation. Access to clinical and dermoscopic images furthermore enhances the confidence and consensus of the pathologist’s diagnosis.

How to use Dermloop Capture in the clinical setting

Create a user

Go to or download the Dermloop Learn App.
Click “Login” and “Sign Up”.


After signing up, you may freely sign in to Dermloop Learn and start educating yourself, quizzing on thousands of patient cases.

To use the clinical tool, Dermloop Capture, on your own patients, you will need to contact Melatech in order to get a user.

Find/Add Patient
You can either scan the patients CPR nummer from their social security card, or your computer monitor, or type it in manually.

You can now see all registered lesions on the patient. You can also add new ones or edit previsously registered lesions.

Fill out the form
Dermloop Capture takes you through the steps and lists the most important questions for evaluation your patients skin lesions. Simply fill out the form.

Clinical photos should be non-identifable, yet contain as much surrounding skin as possible. The clinical image tells the clinican about the patient’s skin in general and allows for comparison of the lesion in question to the patients other moles or lesions.

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