3, 2, 1 and we are live!

On the first of March, 2021, Dermloop went live on the Department of Plastic Surgery at Herlev Hospital. The doctors can now take clinical and dermoscopic images of their patients skin lesions, give their best guess at a diagnosis, and receive direct clinical feedback when the pathological evaluation is ready.

This sort of systematic and easy-to-access clinical feedback is unprecedented!
Current clinical training only allows for a very slow progression from novice to intermediate diagnostic accuracy over the course of 6 years.
With this sort of educational intervention that forces the surgeons to guess at a diagnosis before excision, and the results are returned systematically along with the dermoscopic images, we believe the progession of diagnostic accuracy will be dramatically increased.

AISC will now run a Co-Design implementation process in order to ensure that the clinical workflow and clinical needs are met by the system, and doesn’t require unnecessary amounts of time.
The AISC way is to ensure that research is as close to clinical practice as possible, so that the results are as applicable as possible. This means that over the next weeks to months the Dermloop Capture module will receive user-feedback-driven iterations to optimize its usability and functionalities.

Below is the first ever patient skin lesion case registred in DermLoop Capture, diagnosis by the pathologists using the Dermloop Pathology module, and is received by the operating doctor through DermLoop Learn. Correctly diagnosed by the operating doctor one might add.
It is a beautiful example of a hemangioma, which is a benign skin lesion.

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