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AISC is investigating the benefits of the introduction of an AI augmented digital mentor for the doctor that diagnoses and treats skin and mole cancer.
The mentor will follow the doctor in his or her learning and constantly preset the doctor with cases and learning materials that will ensure the optimal learning.

AISC Research Consortium will investigate the introduction of a paradigm shift in Medical Education and Clinical Feedback. From now on, patient data will be used for the education of all doctors, beneficial for the patient and all others.

The patient-doctor relationship is important, sacred and necessary. But in AISC we see no need in having to retrace the steps of those that have gone before, if there is a better way.
It is our intention that doctors can learn from all of the previous decisions and patients that have been seen. All data that was previously sitting dead in the water of journals and records, will in the future become educational material. This will benefit not only the patients, but the doctors that need to make hard decisions, and for the society that will benefit from better and more informed treatment at the right time and for the right patients.

And AISC will investigate this drastic change to how doctors learn.

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